Song for Eight

There is a misconception that we never got to see how good Paul McGann is as the Eighth Doctor. This is wrong; he’s the lead in some of the best Who stories I know: audio dramas produced by Big Finish Productions, officially licensed by … Continue reading

The Cricket Doctor: Season 19

Fifth Doctor Peter Davison was hand-picked for the role by producer John Nathan-Turner. JNT had been a production unit manager on All Creatures Great And Small, which had starred Davison as Tristan the veterinarian, and was trying to radically alter everything about … Continue reading

My Friend the Doctor

My favourite of the classic Doctors is Jon Pertwee 007. Why? A large part of it is his classic English gentleman’s indefatigable poise mixed with gentleness and good-natured charm. He reminds me of my first “Doctor:” Rex Harrison, first as … Continue reading