Would You Like A Jelly Baby?

“Jelly babies were an Earth sweet from England favoured by the Doctor and the Master. The Doctor liked these so much, he had many bags of them stored somewhere in his TARDIS and often carried a packet with him. He frequently offered them to companions and others he met on his travels.” – TARDIS Index File: Jelly Baby


As Jelly Babies have been my favourite candy (sweets) all my life, I consider them worthy of a post. I took snapshots of some of my favorite Jelly Baby moments during the Tom Baker era, beginning with Four’s first day back in Robot. Sarah Jane is distressed by his regeneration and unsure if he’s the same person, so he reassures her and offers a Jelly Baby.

vlcsnap-2012-09-12-20h06m00s39  vlcsnap-2012-09-12-20h07m14s249

vlcsnap-2012-09-19-21h48m42s166  vlcsnap-2012-09-19-21h48m29s255

now drop your weapons or i'll kill him with this deadly jelly baby

The Face of Evil: above, Four meets Leela and offers her a Jelly Baby; at right, confronted by her fellow Sevateem, he threatens them: “Drop your weapons, or I’ll kill him with this deadly Jelly Baby.”

Below, The Invasion of Time: The Doctor gives a Jelly Baby to nervous Gallifreyan Citadel Guard Andred, who likes it very much.

aldred jellybaby.mp4_snapshot_01.20_[2012.11.03_18.10.27] aldred jellybaby.mp4_snapshot_01.07_[2012.11.03_18.09.34] aldred jellybaby.mp4_snapshot_01.09_[2012.11.03_18.10.08]

But what makes Jelly Babies so much better than American gummy candies, such as jelly beans? One advantage is the Jelly Babies’ rich natural flavour, but American Jelly Belly “gourmet jelly beans” are a match in that area. The true value of a Jelly Baby is its unique texture. In the interest of science, I have thinly sliced some Jelly Babies and photographed them with my macro lens. Observe:

Jelly Baby cross-section

Jelly Babies do not merely have a sugar shell; instead, their outer coating is composed of what look like crystals, extending deep into the soft, transparent center. Yet Jelly Babies are entirely soft; there is nothing crunchy about them. The coating is just tough enough to join with the center in a harmony of texture, making Jelly Babies perfectly delightful to eat.

Jelly Baby cross-section Jelly Baby cross-section Jelly Baby cross-section

Once, when I was four, I found a stray Jelly Baby on a shelf in a shop. My parents had to force me not to steal it.

4 thoughts on “Would You Like A Jelly Baby?

  1. Watching The Hobbit and eating a Jelly Baby, two fandoms collide. That was the first time I had ever had one. I usually hate jelly beans, but I really liked the jelly baby, it tasted a lot better. Love the macro shots!

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